The Many Uses of a Mini Pochette Accessoire

My Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accesoires in Monogram was a graduation gift from my parents when I finished University. It was my first SLG piece and I adore it.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accessoire in Monogram. [Retails at £195.00 New.)

This is little guy is so cute and comes with a little chain which you can use as a wristlet or you can attach it to a D ring on the inside of your handbag. The measurements are 5.5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches ( length  x height  x width ). I think it was originally designed to be an extra pouch for your bag, for cosmetics maybe or credits cards and bits and bobs.

Around that time, I was carrying my Yves Saint Laurent tote which actually comes with it’s own pouch inside. (Click here for my YSL tote review) So I decided to switch it and start using my LV Mini Pochette immediately!

It didn’t take me long to discover that I wasn’t an ‘extra pouch’ kind of girl. I found myself barely using it and had a habit of throwing things in my bag whenever I was in a hurry so my Mini Pochette spent most of its time buried underneath all of my stuff without anything inside it. I decided to take it out and it was packed away inside its original box for about a month.

However, there’s just no denying that this item is too darn cute to sit in a box. Every time I stumbled across a picture of one on Instagram or in a forum post, it made me sad that I didn’t use it. It didn’t take me long to realise there were so many more uses for a Mini Pochette than just an ‘Extra Pouch’.

Here’s a few ways to use it if you’re also not an ‘extra pouch’ person.

(NOTE: In some of the images of my Mini Pochette you will notice that I don’t have the chain attached. The chain that comes with it is not designed to be removed however I personally found it got in the way when I began using it as a wallet/purse. I made the decision to remove it with professional jewellery tools but it can be reattached if I decide I want it back.)

Option 1: A wallet or purse.

This is currently how I use mine at the moment and I love it! It fits all my cards, a coin pouch, my online banking card reader and cash. It is the perfect size and isn’t too bulky. Plus it is considerably less expensive than an LV Capucines, Zippy or Clemence wallet.

Option 2: Cross-body mini bag

As many of you probably already know, you can purchase additional straps from Louis Vuitton for many of their bags. They are somewhat pricey though and depending what kind of strap you’re looking for, some of them can end up being more expensive that the bag itself. If you don’t have a cross-body strap you can use in the meantime, you can always purchase a less expensive strap to allow you to test run it as a cross body. Then if you find it works for you and you wear it often that way, then maybe consider buying your additional LV strap. My chain is from an Ebay seller called Kcraft. They are fantastic quality chains and you can choose your length. I went for the long one pictured below.

Option 3: Bag in a bag.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m pretty sure the Mini Pochette was originally designed to be an additional pouch inside your handbag. This works great for people who like to keep their belongings organised. I am not that kind of girl lol. I’d like to be, but the truth is I have a habit of throwing things in my bag like it’s a big black hole so it just doesn’t work for me. On the odd occasion where I have used it in this way though, it definitely does it’s job perfectly. It holds all my little bits and bobs so that they’re not scattered all over the bottom of my bag.



And lastly option 4: An evening clutch.

I have used this once as a clutch and although it’s beautiful, the size was a problem for me because I carry a lot when I go out. If you’re the kind of person who only carries essentials then this would be perfect for you. It fits a phone, money and a lipstick perfectly.


So the all important question, do I think the Mini Pochette Accessoire is worth it? Absolutely! In fact, I have the Damier Ebene version on my wish list! It is versatile, handy, good value for money and unbelievably cute.

I hope this post has been helpful to you! Please share it if so 🙂 and also follow us on Instagram!

Sophie xox

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